From fishing to tourism

Located in the municipality of Lagos, in the village with the same name, Praia da Luz, formerly known as Senhora da Luz, is a flagship beach of the Western Algarve.

Since the Roman period, the village evolved in fisheries. It stood out during the Prince Henry period of the Portuguese Discoveries (15th–16th centuries), with its tuna and sardine traps and whaling, and even canneries, in the late 19th century.

Even so, times have changed. By the end of the last century, some boats were still beached on Praia da Luz. Then, the fish market was closed and most of the fishermen left, searching for better opportunities in Lagos. Some began to work in maritime tourism activities, including big game fishing, targeting species such as swordfish, marlin and blue shark.

The pretty and picturesque fishing village won the tourism bet which brought — and still brings — wealth and growth. On the beach, the ramp and the old winch are the remaining silent witnesses of the memory of those hard fishing times in Luz.


Gastronomy is marked by the fishing community and includes skinned horse mackerel, fried calamari and octopus rice.


Nossa Senhora da Luz Church, Praia da Luz seafront, Roman Archeological Centre at Praia da Luz, Black Volcanic Rock, Praia de Porto de Mós, Praia D. Ana, Ponta da Piedade, water sports, scuba diving at “Vapor da Luz” Vilhelm Krag.

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